Sweet recipes

Butter Biscuits

This is an easy dough for vegan butter biscuits with a fresh lemon icing. Not only for Christmas is this a perfect dough for cutting out shapes.

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Carrot Muffins

With this vegan recipe you bake super tasty carrot muffins in no time – or simply make a carrot cake instead. The fresh lemon makes them very moist and incredibly fresh.

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Plum Cake

This easy and vegan plum cake tastes like made from your grandma: thin crust, juicy fruits and a sweet crumble. Just the perfect cake for the summer.

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Rhubarb Crumble

In spring it's rhubarb season – what is better than having an oven-fresh rhubarb crumble that is quickly and easily done. It is best when you eat it warm right out the oven.

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Pancakes are a must-have on a cosy breakfast. There is no need for special ingredients with this simple recipe. It's done quickly and serves a whole family.

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This recipe is super simple and in just 25 minutes you have oven-warm scones on the table. They become light, not too sweet and are best for tea or breakfast.

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