Side dishes

Simple side dishes

Brioche Burger Buns

A recipe for vegan Brioche Burger Buns that will succeed for sure. Your own burger creation will taste a lot better if you freshly bake these vegan buns.

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Falafel are one of the most popular vegan snacks and mostly with only plant-based ingredients. Fresh and homemade they taste best.

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Focaccia is a fluffy flatbread and the perfect side dish for Italian food. Instead of tomatoes, olives and rosemary you can vary the topping by your own taste.

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Hummus, the Middle Eastern side dish is prepared quickly and fits perfectly with bread and vegetables. This variation is without garlic and oil.

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Homemade pasta is always a bit more effort to make but tastes even better. This vegan dough is perfect for all kinds of pasta shapes.

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These vegan wheat tortillas are perfect for burritos, fajitas or simply as a side dish. Homemade, fresh and warm out of the pan they taste best.

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